NFBC Bonuses
NFBC Main Event / Online Championship Bonus $75,000

The NFBC will offer a $75,000 cash bonus to any owner who can win the overall titles in both the NFBC Main Event and the Rotowire Online Championship. This cash bonus is called "The Lindy" because Lindy Hinkelman of Greencreek, Idaho actually won this bonus the very first year it was offered (2009). To win this $75,000 cash bonus, an NFBC owner has to win the NFBC Main Event overall title AND the Online Championship overall title. If someone pulls off that feat, the total prize winnings will be $300,000. Only those owners entered in both events -- and one owner can have multiple teams in each event -- have a shot at this $75,000 cash bonus.

In 2015 Chad Schroeder of Omaha, Nebraska also defied the odds and won the $75,000 cash bonus by winning the NFBC Primetime and the Rotowire Online Championship overall titles. Chad took home the $80,000 grand prize in each contest and the $75,000 cash bonus enroute to $305,000 in winnings that year. The two contests had 1,704 participants between them. See, it can be done.