Here is some of the great feedback we have received over the years:
Take what you like from your local league. Remove the aggravation. What's left is a great experience. That experience is the NFBC.
Stephen Jupinka
The NFBC delivers, in spades, on the necessary components for a first class high-end fantasy operation. This means providing me the opportunity to compete against uniformly excellent players in a vigilantly monitored honest competition. Five years involvement has convinced me of the NFBC's viability - I won't be going elsewhere soon.
Joe Thelen
NFBC is unequalled in all of fantasy sports in terms of format, structure, stability, caliber of competition, prize payouts, and professional integrity of management. Besides that, the NFBC is a ton of fun starting with excitement, camaraderie and hospitality of the draft events, and continuing all season long with bantering among participants fueled by the constant flow of relevant info on the NFBC's message boards. The NFBC is a must for competitive baseball fanatics.
Mike O'Connor
Skilled and nurturing administrative oversight, insightful and entertaining year round message boards, the NFBC is a Fantasy Sports 'community' in every sense of the word! The level of competition? I recommend that you bring your 'A' game to the table!
Bob Mazur
The NFBC is the best contest for fantasy baseball going. Beyond that I have to say the people you meet at an NFBC event is worth the entry fee alone. Top notch people running it and participating in it.
John Crane
If you're a fantasy baseball fanatic like me, nothing comes close to the NFBC. From your live draft day in one of four cities across America, to the inevitable thrilling finish in your league, to the exciting race for the $100,000 top prize in the overall competition, there is truly nothing like it. Join me, and over 350 other top players around the country, and show us what you got!
John Dean
I started with a $125 Satellite league last year and after winning my league I got my free entry into the Main Event. That means I now have a chance to turn that $125 into $100,000! If you can't afford the Main Event this year, then the Satellites are a great way to get your feet wet and hopefully punch your ticket for next season. I know I will be playing in at least a couple again this year.
Ryan Carey
You may think you know how to win at rotisserie fantasy baseball, but you don't know it like these folks do! They are five steps ahead of you and studying right now! They are more scientist than gamer. They are simply incredible.
Lance Turbes
In the years I played all forms of fantasy baseball, I always wondered what it would be like to play in leagues where every owner was as committed to playing an entire season like I always do. It always seemed that half the owners tanked, some even before the All-Star Break. In the NFBC, I have found the the level of competition and dedication I have always looked for in my fantasy baseball leagues.
Wayne Edwards
Customer service is incomparable. Customer input is well received. A family feeling. As for the game, to be the best, you must beat the best, the best are at the NFBC.
Dan Kenyon
The NFBC is the best of the best!! Not only do you have the best players in the country competing against each other, but you have an A++++ company behind it with Greg and Tom at the controls. For someone who has done fantasy baseball for over 20+ years, nothing comes close.
David DiDonato
If you love fantasy baseball, NFBC is a must-do. The organization, competition, and camraderie cannot be beat. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best.
Dan Semsel
The NFBC experience is like nothing you've had in your local leagues. The 4-city drafts add an element of excitement you can't begin to imagine until you are sitting at the draft. Best of all, the "no trade" rules and "blind bids" for free agents makes this competition 100% above board and worry free.
Pete Lukowicz
Dear Greedy Baseball Owners and Players... No longer will I spend over $200 to take my family to a baseball game. Without Fantasy Baseball, I am sure that I would not even follow MLB. Fantasy Baseball has kept myself and my kids active with Baseball. Coorporate America has taken over baseball and its stadiums. They have driven the cost way too high. My advice, go on strike. Do not go to another baseball game. Save your money and sign up for fantasy baseball. NFBC is the best game around. If you like baseball, it is your obligation to support NFBC and fantasy baseball.
Jim Ferrari
NFBC is the best fantasy baseball website out there. The 15 team, no trade and blind faab is the perfect format. Throw in the best competition in the world and personal service from Greg and Tom and it is a must try for diehard fantasy fans.
Anson Chan
The NFBC is the Major Leagues when it comes to fantasy baseball. Like the real Major Leagues, the level of competition and rivalries with other top players motivates you to get better each season. Competing in the NFBC, and interaction with the other participants, has become the most enjoyable part of baseball season.
KJ Duke
NFBC is the Disney World of fantasy baseball. Draft day is a huge rush as you select your team simultaneously with hundreds of other fantasy players. The competition is friendly yet keen, and the NFBC support staff is top notch. Oh. if you're lucky enough to win your league, the money is good too.
Dallas Jones
Love of the Game,Knowledge of the game,Highly competitive,$25 a week on the side and you can play Fantasy Baseball in the main event in the NFBC against the BEST Fantasy players in the world. Try it and find out where you stand against the best.
Roy Ericsson III